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Magpie is Hiring a Sous Chef


Magpie hiring a Sous Chef- Join Us

Magpie is looking for a person to assist in the overall operation of the kitchen.  We are still coming out of the pandemic mode and looking to bring on a person to work with owner/chef and team to grow Magpie to its potential.


Sous Chef should:

-Have enthusiasm for Magpie’s mission to make a better workplace for staff and for sustainable food practices

-Have a strong professional background and references

-Possess strong line cook skills

-Be interested in food and maybe an understanding of wine

-Be able to understand multitasking and logistical organization

-See role as a mentor and coach, and student

-Appreciate the importance of dishwashers and the food servers

-Be available to cooks to assist when things are busy

-Be able to fill in when staffing issues come up

-Help cooks and other kitchen staff to succeed

-Control kitchen variables

-Be Serv Safe Certified. Keep up to date all required certifications for health, safety, and harassment -required by state and county.

-Understand OSHA/ labor rules and be able to implement

-Be a team player


A sous chef should expect to be involved at Magpie:

-Days, evenings and weekends

-5 days a week, and one six day week per month



2 week vacation

Telephone/ dine allowance

send resume to


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