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SOLD OUT: Contemporary Korean with Greg Norrish of -Ida restaurant in Seoul at Magpie – May 20th



On Monday, May 20th Magpie will be hosting a dinner with guest Greg Norrish of -Ida, a restaurant in Seoul.

Tickets are $35, plus $6.30 for service and $3.62 for tax.

Greg will be preparing a 5 course contemporary Korean family style meal with fun preparations of classic Hansik (Korean Food). Guests can arrive from 6 pm to 8 pm.


Cheese Dakgalbi Mandu

-Korean pepper paste chicken dumplings. Parmesan. Sesame Leaf


-Korean beef tartare. Kelp chip. Radish pickle


-Namul (Korean for edible greens). Spinach. Poached egg. Quinoa. Truffle Oil

Black Rice Bibimbap

-Brown Butter. Vegetables. Tofu. Seaweed Oil

LA Galbi

-Short Rib. Sweet Potato Puree. Mushrooms.

For more information check out this blog post on Greg.

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