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Is this a blog post?

Why not keep a blog for Magpie? Small farm to table restaurant life can be a full-contact sport and it might seem like there are enough things to do already. We mentioned the idea to a few friends and a few responded something like “are you going to have enough time?”, and to that I would say I guess we don’t know until we give it a shot.

Ed, Janel and Julian

Magpie started an Instagram page about three years ago and it has been a very useful way to communicate with the rest of the world. It has also been a great visual record for us here at the restaurant and a kind of a way to organize our thoughts.

More organization and more fun. We’ll see.

Interesting things happen in our kitchen, and with our producers, and The Magpies here, and the community around us, it seems like we have no shortage of subject matter.

Maybe a blog will be something like a thicker version of what we are doing on our Instagram, more communication and more organization and more fun. We’ll see.

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