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Magpie recognized by Good Food 100 for Sustainability

Magpie recognized by Good Food 100 for Sustainable restaurant operations.

The Good Food 100 Restaurants™ is an annual list and industry impact report designed to educate eaters and celebrate restaurants for being transparent with their business practices, and using their purchasing power to support local/state, regional, and national  farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and purveyors of good food.

In 2019, 137 restaurants and food service businesses, operating 341 locations, in 29 states, and all 8 regions of the United States participated in the Good Food 100 Restaurants™, and through their $66.3 million in good food purchases, contributed to a $213.5 million economic impact on the national good food economy.

Also in 2019, the Good Food 100 Restaurants™ and The James Beard Foundation forged a partnership to accelerate transparency in the culinary community and promote the importance and impact of a sustainable food system. 



And Check out some links to Magpie’s blog posts regarding our commitment to using good, clean and fair foods.


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