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Magpie’s 18th Birthday!Thank You Sacramento. 2023

Seasonal and Sacramento Since 2005

Join Magpie in helping us celebrate 18 years of making food in Sacramento.  Book a table or drop in and say hello.  Thank you Sacramento!

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Magpie Started with a Name

Magpie is named after the endemic yellow-billed magpie (Pica nuttalli), a solid Central Valley name.

As Magpie Cafe celebrates its 18th anniversary, it’s an opportunity to acknowledge and thank those who have contributed to its success over the years. From the chefs to the servers to the farmers and producers, and guests, every member of the Magpie team has played a vital role in bringing the farm-to-table experience to Sacramento.


Over the last 18 years Magpie has been exploring ways to make Farm to Table foods that represents our values here in Sacramento





On April 1st, 2009 Magpie moved to it’s first retail restaurant space.



Ed and Janel in the hole





Sacramento is a place in the middle of The Great Central Valley








The Delta Breeze and The Sacramento River connect Sacramento to the Oceans of Earth

Sacramento can be a hot and dry valley town, but the Delta Breeze always reminds us that the ocean is not that far away.  The Sacramento River is full of animals that call both the Pacific Ocean and the Central Valley home.   When people visit Sacramento they are sometimes shocked to spot sea lions 100 miles from the ocean.  They are even more shocked to hear that the Sacramento River has been visited by humpback whales twice in the last 35 years.





Tomato Season Starts 4th of July Weekend



The Restaurant Business is about People.  Support restaurant people by supporting small restaurants that build community.

Making foods by hand and serving it is labor intensive.  People are important.  Magpie is proud to have taken many risks by creating a more progressive relationship between the culinary and service staff members.











A Great Place to Grow Things 



























The Last Magnificent Came to Sacramento


The Dalai Lama Eats Carrot Cake Cookies!





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