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Seasonal Cocktails at the Bar







Lead barkeeper, Ariel-

“With so much beautiful local produce and herbs coming into the cafe every day, it’s natural that those ingredients would make their way into the bar program. ”





Farmer’s Friend is built with a shrub crafted with boysenberries from Root 64 Urban Farm. It includes sage, black peppercorn and bourbon.



All are welcomed to enjoy the bar!









Virgin and Spiked agua frescas, and spritz ease those Sacramento Summer evenings under the yellow umbrellas.




Making traditional Aperol Spritz or something special like this Grand Poppy amaro spritz










Bull’s Eye is beet infused tequila, with chioggia beets from Azolla Farm, rosemary and lime.






Janel of Magpie



“we’re really proud to be making cocktails that mirror the quality and values behind our cuisine”







And Magpie is always available for private events like weddings and company parties and business meetings.


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