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Small Plates Any Time of Day

Magpie’s small plates and bites are available any time of the day.  Many are not offered on the to-go menu so visit.  These are samples of what we might have available at any given time.


Spring Onions, battered and fried, pimenton sauce


Lamb meatballs with peppercorn sauce


Small bite plate of risotto and clams- Rue and Forseman rice


Pork Terrine and Toast, cherries, mustard


Spicy farm peppers, crispy potatoes and salsa verde


Magpie’s belly


Pacific Calamari


Burrata with stone fruit


Seasonal vegetable sides like corn and tomatoes


Mushrooms with white bean to spread on breads


Eating fries and drinking wine at the bar


Small bite plate of Poke and Smoked Trout Eggs


Anchovy Toast


Crudos and Ceviche






Check out Magpie’s Seasonal cocktails and patio!



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