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The Last Magnificent is Coming to Sacramento (pt 1)

The Tower Bridge Dinner is an annual thing here in Sacramento. This year the city invited Chef Jeremiah Tower to head up the dinner along with four local chefs, Ravin Patel of Ella (Selland’s Family), Kathi Riley of the Oak Cafe at ARC, Brad Cecchi of Canon East Sac and Magpie’s Ed Roehr.


The Tower Bridge Dinner is held on The Tower Bridge.  Because the bridge is a functioning draw bridge over a navigable waterway, and we are planning for 800 guests, the logistics are a big deal.


We started the planning with a visit to the Golden 1 Center.   Because the kitchen at the G1C is gigantic, and they specialize in making real food in large volumes, their kitchen space will serve as our home base.  Good thing they are only three blocks from the bridge!


Jeremiah is a cooks’ chef.  Touring the facilities with him it didn’t take long to realize he was very interested in the planning, the equipment, deploying menus, catering for large groups and the nuts and bolts. 

It didn’t take long for all of us to realize that Jeremiah Tower is, at his core, a working chef.







Since Jeremiah Lives in Mexico, we’ve been working on the dinner on the phone.  That’s him on the iphone in the bowl.  We were enjoying caviar and cinnamon rolls at Canon East Sac.







It has been great working as a group to explore what it means to make a meal about Sacramento.



Only drinking water for now.  Hopefully there will be time for champagne after the dinner.





While Jeremiah Tower was in town the City Screened  Jeremiah Tower- The Last Magnificent.    It is a must see for grown up foodies.   It is on Netflix.  Chill.




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