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Truffle Dinner at Magpie February 26th with Truffle Huntress Staci O’Toole and Mila.

Join Magpie in welcoming Truffle Huntress, Staci O’Toole and her Lagotto Romagnolo, Mila for an evening of wine, truffles and Mila!

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It was about a year ago that Birk O’Halloran, wine maker and importer,  invited me to head up the hill to meet his friend Staci and her truffle dog Mila.  Staci has built a, first of its kind in El Dorado County, a truffle orchard.  I was going to get the chance to check it out.  Truffles are a type of fungi that grows on the roots of trees.



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We were treated to a great tour of Staci’s vision for sustainable truffle farming here in California-



and to her passion and knowledge for working with the Lagotto Romagnolo, the Italian dogs that make harvesting truffles both possible, and such a joy.



We made our way through the oak grove and the hazel nuts


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and, with the help of the dogs we found truffles.


Staci’s farm is continuing to become more productive and the dogs are still the dogs.  We thought now would be a good time to host a dinner down here in Sacramento.



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The dinner will have some strong Magpie tones.  I don’t have a menu ironed out yet but it will be four or five course, maybe three with truffles and a truffle cocktail too.


A menu will look something like this:

A salad of fennel and sunchoke

Avocado toasted with soft egg and Spanish Truffle

Gnocchi with butter and Bianchetto Truffle and Vela Dry Jack

Brent Wolfe’s Quail with El Dorado County Black Truffle

A Cocktail with a truffle infused spirit

A Sweet

Wine pours with every dish


We will feature one dish with truffles from El Dorado.  We might also offer bianchetto truffles from Washington state and Spanish black truffles.  We may prepare a cocktail with truffle and Birk will bring wines that compliment the meal.  Staci and Mila will be around to talk and maybe at dessert time were can get up and mix around and enjoy Mila’s company.


The price will be $125 plus tax and service

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