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Adan Romo mentioned the idea of taking a group to Venice a few years back, and he thought that it might be a good thing for me to be a part.  Adan is an artist and art history teacher and had studied for years in Italy before rejoining his father in their public works studio here in Sacramento,  Romo Studios.  Adan also runs a tour company (Roamn) focused on art and Italy.   Still, I was a bit skeptical of the need for me to be involved.  Venice has plenty of tourists (during the tourist season)  and plenty of problems.  I wasn’t really sure Venice needed any more of us.  A visit back to Venice in 2016 had me change my mind.

Check out the to trip to Venice – October 15th to 23th



I worked in a kitchen in Venice for the better part of a year.  I was in my 20s (back in the lira days).   Sometimes when I tell people that I worked in Italy they ask me what I learned.  In Italy it always seems like eating is a cultural pillar, like church and language.  Ingredients, yes, recipes, yes,… but also the way of eating and drinking, and the amount of time given to these activities.



I feel like I learned just as much about Italian food at my local cafe as I did at work.  Food never seems about being entertaining in Italy.  It is always a bit more about being.  It is not that the food is not important.  It is.  It is also about being around others and doing it the way people do it together.  Coffee, spritz, tramezzini, wine, breakfast, dinner-  all of these things seem to have their rules.  And the rules make sense.  Sometimes I tell people that Magpie is kind of an Italian restaurant and they never know what I mean.  Maybe Magpie is a place with Italian sensibility and American Food?  Is that a definition of California Cuisine?










Venice is centered in a lagoon.  It’s cuisine certainly reflects this.  Not all Venetian food is seafood, but it often is.

At some point in May we are going to do a Venetian Monday night dinner at Magpie.





















 Visitors to Venice can support the things that sustain Venice.





















Check out the Trip to Venice- October 15th to 23rd






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