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Wine Wednesday will be Back – Soon

It seems like it should go without saying that wine is pretty much the best thing there is.  For the sake of this post let’s just assume that this is true.










Some Other Things about Wine, Some Pictures and Links


Harbor Winery is no longer around.  It’s wine is still around.  Magpie doesn’t offer it, but we do see bottles drift in from time to time.  There is no wikipedia page about Harbor Winery yet.  Someone in town should get on this.




Craig Haarmeyer makes wine in the old Harbor Winery.    We had an earlier blog post on Haarmeyer Wine Cellars.  Check out the blog post.  These are some shots of Craig and his 2018 Clarksburg Chenin Blanc.



Bring stuff to try and to share and to sell!



Samantha Sheehan, Grabish Farm and #janelofmagpie rocking a Wine Wednesday




R.H. PHILLIPS was a vineyard in the Dunnigan Hills AVA.

Yellow-Billed Magpie Pica nuttalli

Cin Cin



There is no corkage on Wednesdays all day.  This is why we call it Wine Wednesday.

There is no corkage at lunch.  Lunch is during the week before 2:30.

There is no corkage on any bottle you bring if you buy a second one from the house.

Otherwise, corkage is $15.

Magpie’s Wine List 



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