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Yellowbill at 14th & O- Coffee and Magpie in the Morning Monday-Friday

Yellowbill is Magpie’s bakery cafe three blocks away. That is where our baked things get made… and chocolate avocado mousse too. All the biscuits and bread pudding and cookies we serve at Magpie get made there and are biked over to Magpie.

Yellowbill also offers coffee and horchata lattes and things for breakfast and lunch.

Scones made with seasonal elements like Twin Peak Orchards’ peaches



Yellowbill is baking all the time but only open m-f from 6:30am til 2 pm. Follow Yellowbill on Instagram for fun


Chia Pudding Bowl


Breakfast Biscuit


Croissant Breakfast Sandwich



Magpie fact:  On The Dalai Lama’s visit to Sacramento he ate 3 carrot cake cookies in one day!

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