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SOLD OUT – VENDIDO Mexican Dinner by a Magpie March 11th, Monday

SOLD OUT – VENDIDO Elier Tinoco will be presenting a dinner here at Magpie on Monday March 11th.  Elier’s cooking has been at the heart…

Magpies are the Bird of The Great Central Valley (Pica nuttalli)

A blessing to have such a creature here in The Central Valley.   This post is basically a bunch of links for people that want to…

California Truffles are Coming (someday soon)

About two weeks ago Ed got the invited by winemaker Birk O’Halloran of Iconic Wines to hop in the car along with Leslie Merinoff-Kwasnieski of…

A Look into our Kitchen

We sought to make food reflective of the cultural and agricultural bounties of the Central Valley.

First starting off as a catering company, Magpie has grown into a busy little restaurant in Downtown Sacramento. Since 2005, Magpie has had the focus to serve farm to table fare that reflects the values of life in California’s Central Valley.

“At Magpie, we are more committed than ever to our mission of celebrating what makes our city and region special, and contributing to it by making seasonal, farm-to-table food in Sacramento.”